Our Mission

Our goal at Blue Sky is to employ a communicative technique, along with small class sizes, an excellent curriculum and have inspiring, qualified native English teachers. Our motivated staff will treat every student individually in order to boost their confidence, maximize creativity and learning potential. No matter the age or skill level, Blue Sky will demonstrate that learning English is easy when young learners are having fun.

Blue Sky Creator – Mr. Brent Parsell

Mr. Brent Parsell is a highly experienced and motivated career English teacher. Mr. Brent was born and raised in sunny Queensland, Australia and has been teaching English since 2006. He graduated with a degree from Griffith University where he studied education, he also holds business management diploma along with an international teachers license: TESOL – TEFL – TESL.

Mr. Brent has taught in Beijing, Hong Kong and Gold Coast Australia.

Mr. Brent has taught in four different school, the prestigious Beijing Foreign Language School, Beijing Yu Ying School, Pacific Pines State High School, Jolly Kingdom English center. On top of which Mr. Brent’s taught ESL professionally to engineering students at Griffith University, Australia.

Now having created his own English curriculum, Mr. Brent has combined all his experiences and talents to created Blue Sky Education. A school made by a teacher to enhance student learning.


Strategic Learning

“When children are having fun, they learn a great deal faster” – Brent Parsell

Our goal is to help every student become the best they possibly can. We wish to teach students to become independently freethinking, self-disciplined, high achieving young people.

Every student will be individually catered to. By focusing on every student’s strengths and weaknesses, our team can tailor make a unique learning program for each and every student to learn and grow to their full potential. The structure of each class is carefully planned for learning efficiency. All classrooms settings incorporate a mixture of safety, respect, discipline and fun.

Proven scientific research has shown that there are three styles of educational learning that are incorporated by children:

Our teaching staff will observe each student and identify which is their most dominant learning characteristic. Knowing how a child learns is key to unlocking their potential.