Mr. Brent Parsell has carefully designed the Blue Sky Oral Course to encourage all students to have to confidence and skills necessary to speak English as though it were their first language. It begins with an extensive building of vocabulary – the building blocks of the English language. After the basics have been learnt, students will tackle the more difficult topics to further improve on the quality of their speaking skills.

A wide-ranging course of 200+ words that gives students the words they need to speak begin to converse on a basic level.

Comprised of many adjectives to describe the vocabulary learnt from Level 1. Allows students to create their own verbal sentences.

Allows students to tackle specific topics; topics such as other countries, languages, foods, transport, building types, weather, and dinosaurs.

These two levels are apart of the Advanced Learning Program (ALP).

The purpose of the ALP is to take students with a sound understanding of English and make them brilliant.