Global studies course

A comprehensive study of dozens of countries and their cultures

 History course

。Ancient & modern Western history
。Ancient & modern Eastern history

The history courses take a deep look into how historical events shaped the world we live in today.

 Western Etiquette & manners course (short course)

Western codes of behaviour, dinning etiquette, learning how to act in certain social situations, culture and values and what to expect when traveling overseas. The course is designed to help young learners prepare themselves for future travel in western countries by explaining the difference in cultures.

 Choosing a career course (short course)

A different look at 12 different types of popular occupations

 Philosophy / Free thinking course

This courses encourages students to think more independently by studying some of the great philosophical minds from the past.

 Extracurricular courses

。English Football course

Note: Minimum of 4 students for each course.