The Blue Sky Writing Course was created by Mr. Brent Parsell for the purpose of allowing students to put their knowledge of English to paper. With the combination of spelling, grammar and imagination, students can learn basic sentence structures and employ their learnt skills to create amazing and fanciful stories.

Designed to help guide students by using the fundamental principles of sentence structure. Students learn how to use the correct words in the write order to make their own sentences.

Entirely created by Mr. Brent Parsell, this level is a pictorial writing book that has a number of different pictures accompanied with a written description. The purpose of the pictorial writing books are to have students identify a theme and use the words allocated make a story of their own.

Made up of creative writing exercises. Students are must use their skill, knowledge and imaginations to create wonderful and exciting stories.

These two levels are apart of the Advanced Learning Program (ALP).

The purpose of the ALP is to take students with a sound understanding of English and make them brilliant.